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Thomastik Infeld. The most professional guitar strings from AUSTRIA

"Our basic principle is to develop a high-quality musical string at the latest technological level. On the one hand, we set great store by sustainability in environmental and social areas. On the other hand, we pay attention to individual service to enthuse our customers for our products.

The combination of craftsmanship, high tech and a highly qualified team is the secret of the success of Thomastik-Infeld."


SOLDANO Jet City. The leyend of USA guitar head amps.

Jet City Amplification was launched in the Fall of 2009 by Mike Soldano and Douglas White, with a goal of delivering great guitar amplifiers at affordable prices. Our amps follow our “100% tube tone – 0%bullsh*t” mantra: simple, focused, and great-sounding products for guitarist. We've also added pedals, an attenuator, an isolation cabinet, and various other tools for guitarists. And most recently we've started offering our own hot-rodding options over at AmpFactory. We don't do fancy marketing or add extra knobs and switches to our designs. Instead we choose high-quality materials, and robust build quality. Heavy-gauge steel and hard plywood prevail. Big, heavy, custom-wound transformers deliver unflinching reliability. Thick PCBs with wide, 2oz copper traces are reliable, sound awesome, and are easy to service. We're super-proud of our product, and believe you'll really dig your tone.

Mike has just celebrated his 25th year building amps by hand in Seattle at Soldano Custom Amplification. In additition to the world-famous SLO-100 he offers a wide range of awesomeness disguised as guitar amplifiers. They have been immitated, copied, and modeled for years, but there is only one original SOLDANO. Check out his Hot Rod 25. Douglas White is cool too. He does some stuff. Alledgedly. Drop him an email and tell him what you think about the new website!

Biyang Sound Electronic. Great music pedals, top quality from BEIJING

We are a professional well-known manufacturer/exporter of guitar effect pedals, guitar amplifiers, guitar wireless systems and other guitar accessories in Chinese Mainland. We have professional first-class engineers who know well about the requirement from customers.
They design and develop our new products in our factory. Our products not only have very good tone, quality and also have competitive price. As well, we are one of the strongest and leader suppliers of OEM/ODM. We export a larger number of products to worldwide customers per year. As a supplier, we are a good team consist of musicians who are good at guitar music,

We offer our best service as customers request on packing, information, delivery time, transportation and after service etc. We believe that they must meet a nice market in your country, so we hope to establish new and long-term promising relations under the mutual benefit and cooperation.

Sommer Cable. Worldwide quality guitar and audio cables from GERMANY

Over the past years audio products have become more complex and performance-oriented. This is not an easy challenge for a cable manufacturer. Cables are no longer just important for a select group of people or for dreamers, but for the manufacturers of instruments, studio technology, and technical media units. Now even the amateur feels and hears the change in sound and no longer depends on phantasy, imagination, and subjective judgement.
For cable manufacturers this indeed is an important challenge. All of a sudden "technical data" can also be heard. And of course, it can be measured. For a company like SOMMER CABLE this creates a great opportunity. Our customers recognize and appreciate good quality. Our responsibility is not only to produce a good cable, but to give a clear and detailed description of our products. SOMMER CABLE believes that "clarity is very important for quality assessment".

MP Custom. Great tube guitar and bass amplifiers from CHILE

Fabricación de amplificadores a tubos completamente personalizados.

Nuestros Amplificadores cumplen con los mas altos estandares en calidad de audio y de componentes. Al mismo tiempo, nuestros increibles diseños hablan por si solos. Tenemos la bandera en cuanto a construccion de amplificadores full tubos se refiere en Chile.

Nuestros cabezales de guitarra y bajo se encuentran en todas las salas mas profesionales de ensayo en Chile. Nuestra meta es llegar a todos los músicos nacionales!.

Rocket Music. All support from this big music store from CHILE.

ROCKET Music Ltda. se forma como empresa el 27 de Agosto del año 2011. Su principal objetivo es satisfacer las exigentes necesidades del músico actual, entregando la posibilidad de poder comprar tus instrumentos favoritos de excelencia y con la calidad de servicio que tu mereces.
En ROCKET Music puedes encontrar una gran variedad de instrumentos musicales y accesorios, nos especializamos en el apasionante mundo de la guitarra y contamos con marcas de elite muy prestigiosas y exclusivas en el mercado mundial.

Somos representantes oficiales en Chile para: - Suhr Guitars / Wampler Pedals, Hand made USA / Hughes & Kettner amps / Jet City Amplification, Design by Soldano / Blade Guitars / WGS "Warehouse Guitar Speakers / T-REX effects

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